Customs Brokerage

Customs brokerage is one of the most important and complicated activities in the cargoes’ transportation process. It is important to note and be fully aware of all the rules and regulations and furthermore foresee the essential documentation as well as formalities that shall be required by the customs authorities. Through DM, cargo owners benefit from a reduction in expenses on foreign trade activities, therefore achieving a competitive advantage in the commodities market. DM takes responsibility for settling any dispute related to customs formalities by putting together all the required documentation to obtain an export certificate as well as to effect any customs duty related payment. DM is extremely competent in all sixteen modes of customs declaration and clearance, therefore all customs formalities can be finalized promptly hence any additional expenses in relation to demurrage or storage of cargo in a warehouse are avoided.

Furthermore, DM is in position to provide additional services to its clients with foreign trade activities, such as issuing classification decisions of the Federal Customs Service and/or provision of voluntary certification of the goods.