Currently sea and river transportation is considered to be more attractive than air or land due to a number of reasons, such as: vessels are capable of carrying considerable weights and dimensions, faster loading and unloading (by tenfold) as well as faster transportation of cargo. As DM is in close cooperation both with shipowners – charterers as well as with river and seaport authorities, clients can significantly benefit from this in avoiding demurrage and freight overpayments.

DM delivers cargos throughout the Russian Federation as well as to overseas ports. It monitors and provides a report on availability of free space on various vessels (quantity, load-carrying capacity, free tonnage onboard), enabling clients to select their most desirable option.

The vast experience of DM enables it to guarantee to its customers high level of quality forwarding services. Apart from providing a river or sea transportation, DM also, if required, organizes a transshipment to sea vessels; therefore, together with the freight services DM can also provide Agency Services and/or cargo forwarding services.